photo of Hawley Armory

Policies Regarding Use of Hawley Armory

  1. Priority use of the Hawley Armory is as follows:
    1. Department of Allied Health Sciences and the Hawley Armory Fitness & Wellness Program
    2. ROTC
    3. Student Activities
    4. Other University groups
    5. Outside groups (not affiliated with the University)


  1. The facility must be reserved; appropriate requests are considered first in the order of priority and then on a first come first serve basis.


  1. Student Clubs, Organizations and Sponsored Activities must make arrangements and requests for space in Hawley Armory through the office of Student Union Event Services.


  1. Departments and outside groups may contact Janet Rochester, Director of Hawley Armory,, for information on the availability of space. Groups (individuals) must submit the Request Form and return it for consideration. Hawley Armory rental fees may apply.


  1. Only authorized individuals may use the facility. Individuals/groups not officially associated with the University are not allowed access to the facility without proper approval and any associated rental fees.


  1. UConn Registered Student Organizations (RSO) with Hawley reservations assume rental fees through the office of Student Union Event Services; no deposits are required. Maintenance fees and deposits may be required for non-Registered Student Organizations or clubs, as determined by the Department of Allied Health Sciences.


  1. Access to the facility must be pre-arranged and approved.


  1. Only soft-soled shoes are to be used in the Hawley Gymnasium and no shoes are allowed in the Mat Room.


  1. No food or drink is allowed in the Hawley Gymnasium and the Mat Room.


  1. Hawley Armory abides by the University’s guidelines and policies. Reservations are subject to cancellations due to University closures, e.g. inclement weather closures.


The Hawley Armory reserves the right to require preventive measures to endure the safety of the organization and its members using the building and to protect the building and equipment therein.  Each individual group, however, accepts ultimate responsibility for the safety of its members and the condition of the building/equipment while they are using it.


Questions regarding this policy may be directed to Janet Rochester, Director of Hawley Armory, at